“Your Eyes were Meant To MOVE”

In the last installment we explored how the sensors in your joints send signals to your brain to form a ‘Map of your Movement Territory.’

This time we will look at your visual system. Most of us think our eyes are for seeing. While that’s definitely true, your eyes perform other functions besides allowing you to see. The information your eyes provide to your brain has a drastic impact on how well you can move.

Much of this information comes from the movement of the eye within its orbital socket. There are muscles that move the eyes into all of the cardinal directions. We then have ingrained muscular reflexes that correspond to how the eye was moved and where it is positioned.  So your eyes function just like a joint in this way. A very special joint…

reactive robot
EYES are the main sensory input

So special actually, your brain has made your eyes its go-to system to get the the most detailed and accurate movement information.

If you have any doubt, I challenge you to stand on one leg for 5-10 seconds Then simply try that again with your eyes closed. It’s much more difficult now isn’t it? But why?

Viewing your eyes like a very special joint – let’s start to think about what’s important to all the other joints in your body:

Joints need to have the ability to move with stability through their full range of motion to be healthy.
Joints need to be able to work at both low and high speeds.  
Joints need to be able to execute small and big movements for both short and long durations. 
Just like your other joints;
Your eyes need to be able to move into all 8 cardinal directions and be able to hold the position with stability to be healthy. 
Your eyes need to be able to track slower moving objects smoothly and be able to accurately jump positions. 
Finally your eyes need to be able to transition from near distances to far distances and back without much delay. 


Suggested Precision Daily Practices (PDP’s)

PDP #1 The 20 – 20 – 20 rule

Every 20mins –

Stand up and look at something 20 feet away –

For 20 seconds straight –


PDP #2 – Around the Clock (to be done w/o glasses)
Seated or standing.

Hold your thumb up at arms length away.

Keep your head still and raise your thumb up over your head to the “12 o’clock” position.

Then move your thumb to 2 o’clock and repeat the 10 second hold while holding your head still.

Repeat the 10 SECOND hold in 4, 6, 8, and 10 o’clock positions.

Give these PDP’s a try.
Let us know if you find them helpful.

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