Megan Callus

Megan’s background includes a B.A. from Bucknell University and a Master’s from Tufts University. Megan continues her post graduate education in Applied Neuro-Anatomy through Z-Health. This education allows her to find the fastest paths to address movement dysfunctions, including balance issues, injuries, and joint pain along with any performance enhancement goals of her clients.

Her passion is helping clients find greater joy in their lives by removing the barriers from their innate athletic ability and discovering their adventurous spirit. Numerous certifications in Functional Aging and General Fitness allow Megan to apply the best approach to address each individual’s unique needs.

Megan’s personal background as an Elite Competitive Gymnast in her youth as well as her current passion as an avid trail
runner have allowed her to see the need for corrective techniques to both recover from and prevent injuries. Megan
has experienced firsthand the power of modern Applied Nervous System techniques to create athletic gains in her mid-
40’s that she wasn’t able to make 20yrs ago. She is a single mother of two active young daughters and resides in Middletown, NJ.