Steve Pucciarelli

Steve has been utilizing an integrated method to pain relief, movement dysfunction and performance enhancement for 15 years. The diversity of this approach spans some of the best systems in the training and mainstream rehabilitation worlds, such as the FMS/SFMA. Soft tissue and fascia therapy techniques learned at the School of Integrative Therapies provide the ability to identify issues in the muscular system. The addition of the Brain and Nervous System techniques taught by Z Health serves as the governing scientific filter to best direct the most beneficial techniques to each individual.Steve has extensive experiential knowledge in the need for an evolved approach to complex pain and performance problems.

Having been a young Athlete and Martial Artist dealing with constant injuries. Eventually, severely injuring his knee at only 15 years old. Over the following years, multiple rounds of Physical Therapy and, ultimately, a full knee reconstruction failed to restore his previous athletic abilities. Steve found himself still having daily pain, weakness and fear of re-injury as a young adult. Along with the realization he was no longer living the highly motivated and active lifestyle he’s best suited for.

The application of the above mentioned Nervous System and training techniques along with expertise of his current partner Dr. Perez have been integral in the restoration of previous athletic ability. These renewed capabilities lead Steve to become an avid Mountain Biker. In the ensuing years, progressing to ride some of the most challenging terrain across North America.

Steve currently competes in select Eastern State Cup Enduro races across the Northeast. A discipline that mixes the strength, skill and lightning quick reflexes of Downhill Racing with the fitness and endurance of XC racing. The perfect testing ground for the Brain based methods and precision movement patterns he teaches. With yearly improvements demonstrating their efficacy.

Steve has co-created REACTIVE to give every individual the same results he has experienced. To restore function and re-inspire the healthy active lifestyles we’re all meant to lead.